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BILCO ANTIFIRE ENGINEERING s.r.l. is the first Italian company specialized in the field of Certified Fireproof Flexible Protections, produced inItaly and Middle East Plants. Bilco produced Flexible fire protection system are having resistance against pool fire 11000C and Jet fire 12000C with time range between 30min to 120 min.

Why fireproof protection?
  • Prevention and fire protection in refineries and petrochemical industry is gaining in importance and requires the application of innovative and cost-effective methods for companies that want or need to invest in "safety".
  • A fire in a chemical or petrochemical plant which is not possible to contain and extinguish in a short time implies for the company, not only a huge direct economic damage but also indirect, for production stop and image of the company.
  • The problem of security is therefore related to the hydrocarbons fire time control, allowing the operator to delay and stop the spread by closing the control room of actuated valves.
  • Valves, actuators, tanks and various kinds of instruments must therefore be protected from flames, so that they can operate for the time necessary to allow the safety of the system and do not allow fire spread in an uncontrolled manner.
Product Range:-
BilcoFlex? :- Flexible type fire protection
BilcoTherm? :- used for Thermal protection
BilcoShield? :- fire proofing boxes (custom made design)
Characteristics of Bilco Products:-
  • Simple and light to carry, can be installed quickly and without specific equipment and tools
  • Installation may be carried out without stopping the system
  • Custom-made products, small size
  • Weather-proof, resistant to UV rays, cold, sea environment, chemicals and acids
  • No material is harmful, all absolutely free of asbestos offshoots
  • Fire resistant up to 2 hours at temperatures up to 1400? C
Certifications & Approvals:-
  • UL 1709 Pool Fire and JET FIRE - Lloyd's Register U.K.&ISO 22899-OTI 95 634.
  • TYPE APPROVAL - N SAS F110322 AND 23

Core Values

  • Benchmark to learn from superior role models
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  • Integrity & trust as fundamental to functioning
  • Passion to pursue excellence
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